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Tillage Products

Strip Till – Generation 3  Tillage, bed preparation, and fertilizer—in a single pass.

TerraTill®  Break up compaction without destroying soil structure.

Paratill®  Same angled-leg subsoiling as the TerraTill, with wider coverage.

MegaTill  Breaks up hardpan and compaction to provide a healthy subsoil environment.

MegaTill HD  MegaTill features in a heavy-duty package.

MegaTill MAX  The winged point generates maximum soil shatter.

V-Till®  Angled-leg subsoiling in a Vee-frame package.

Parabolic Ripper  Shatter subsoil compaction to help root growth.

Chisel Plow  Condition your ground after harvest.

Finishing Tools  Prepare your seedbed for planting.

Bed Preparation

Model 889 Culti-Lister  Precision bed preparation.

High Clearance Lister  Lighten the listing load behind your tractor.

Disc Bedder  Bed Preparation for high residue fields.

Single Disc Bedder   Versatile and efficient bedder. 

PrepMaster  Get perfect bed preparation and chemical incorporation.

Rod Weeder  Remove weeds and condition seedbeds for excellent planting results.

Rollers and Baskets  Finish beds and incorporate chemicals.

BedPrep: “Do-All”  Front chopper sizes residue and breaks down the old hard bed. Harrow spikes stir and mix residue. Rear drag board smooths beds ready for planting!

Cultivation Products

Model 889 Cultivator  Precision bed preparation.

Stiff Shank Cultivator  Cultivate your row crops with speed and accuracy.

S-Tine Cultivator  Condition your ground before planting.

Lilliston Products

Lilliston Rolling Cultivator  Versatile Cultivation and Bed Preparation

 Tool Bars and Accessories

Tool Bars  The foundation for all our tillage and cultivation products.

Hitches  Pull-Type Hitch connects three-point equipment to your drawbar.

Gauge Wheels  Gauge Wheels to fit your operation.

Grain Cart Spare Parts  Replacement parts for your grain carts.

Pivot Track Filler
  Fills in the ruts left behind by center-pivot irrigation system tires.

Swivel Coulters

Rear Offsets

Sweeps, Shovels, and Busters

All Ground Engaging Pieces

Park Stands

Shanks and Clamps  Shanks and Clamps: the “forgotten” components.

Stabilizers  Steady Your Equipment

Row Choppers  Torsion Spring Mounted Row Choppers


Hipper Roller®  Perfect bed preparation for a smooth finish.

Hipper Chopper®  Chop and incorporate residue.

Hipper Tumbler®  Crush clods and mix residue.

Chopper Lister® Perfect one-pass tool with aggressive residue incorporation to support high-speed precision planting.

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