Our Misson

Bigham manufactures and markets a wide range of agricultural tillage, cultivating, and harvest equipment, helping the farmer gain maximum crop production while conserving valuable resources. The company markets its products in the U.S. through its dealer network, and to other countries in cooperation with partner firms.

We serve producers from two locations: Lubbock, Texas and Carlisle, Arkansas.

Our Histories

Bigham Brothers, Inc.

Bigham Brothers has a colorful history as a manufacturing entity, punctuated by a variety of products and locations. Mr. H.V. Bigham founded the company in Roaring Springs, Texas in 1933 as H.V. Bigham Welding. The primary products manufactured were cafe stools and tables common to soda fountains at the time. The company was relocated to Lubbock in the late 1930’s.

In 1967 the name of the company was changed from H.V. Bigham and Sons to Bigham Brothers Manufacturing, Inc. This name change also signified the primary product focus to agricultural implements. “R & J” implements were a line of products developed and acquired by Ross Montgomery and Jack Brogden that were manufactured by the company. The signature of the line was the “Crustbuster,” later to be known as the “Crustivator,” a specialized cultivator primarily suited to furrow planted crops. Other complementary tools in the line were Rod Weeders and Cultipackers as well as custom order specialized equipment.

The May 1970 Lubbock Tornado brought new changes to the business. The building on North Avenue H was destroyed and the company relocated to 3601 Globe Avenue. The product line continued to develop with rapid changes in the agricultural industry. In 1988 the company name became Bigham Brothers, Inc.

Pitonyak Machinery Corporation

In 1913 E.E. Brandt opened his self-named shop in response to demand for his products by farmers in the Carlisle, Arkansa area. He continued innovating throughout his career, introducing the predecessor to our GCX line of grain carts in 1947. His son, John Henry, extended his legacy and entrusted the company to successors under the name of Pitonyak Machinery Corporation in 2002.

PMC fostered new and updated products and marketed them to a larger area and base of customers.

Bigham Ag Equipment

In 2013 these two legacies joined to form an even more potent, more complete supplier of today’s farm tools from post-harvest through new harvest.

We welcome you to get to know the new…