Chopper Lister®


The Chopper Lister is the perfect one-pass tool with aggressive residue incorporation to support high-speed precision planting. The Chopper Lister aggressively works in the soil to build uniform seedbeds and optimize irrigation and drainage in a single pass.

The main action of the Chopper Lister is Bigham’s standard 5-blade chopper reels that penetrate the ground up to 5” deep to break up clods and residue and incorporate chemicals.

The spring steel chisel shanks with 11 narrow or 8 inch busters are located behind the chopper reel to increase it’s effectiveness by not working freshly pulled up soil. The spring shanks are equipped with no-trip foot pieces for more up-time and less maintenance, while allowing for better residue flow than rigid shank options.

The Chopper Lister’s double tumbler baskets can be customized with any two of your choice of flat bar basket, round bar basket, or 12” solid pipe roller with turnbuckle adjustable scraper.

Standard with a Category 3, 3N, and 4N hitch in your choice of frame color, the Bigham Chopper Lister is the perfect design for your bedding needs.


Standard FeaturesOver Fold design for folding tool bars

  • Over Fold design for folding tool bars
  • Overfold and stack fold designs available for folding bars.
  • Close coupling for ease of lifting and correct operation
  • 24″ diameter Tumbler® baskets with sixteen 1″ round bars
  • Double set of 12 1/2″ Tumbler® baskets – front baskets have eight 1/4″ X 2″ blades and the back baskets have eight 3/4″ round bars
  • Two heavy duty adjustable gauge wheels w/11L X 15 tires
  • Cat 3/3N/4N






12-Row, 38″ or 40″ or 16-Row 30″ Spacing



12-Row 38″ or 40″ or 16-Row 30″ Spacing



12-Row, 36″ Row Spacing



12-Row 36″ Spacing



12-Row, 30″ Row Spacing



12-Row 30″ Spacing



8-Row, 36″, 38″ or 40″ Row Spacing



10-Row, 30″ Spacing or 8-Row 38″ Spacing



8-Row, 30″ Spacing or 6-Row 38″ Spacing


  • Front 16” Bedsweep package mounted on 1×3 straight shanks.
  • Front 8” Furrow-Assist Package with 8” buster.
  • Rear Pipe Roller with turnbuckle-adjustable scraper.
  • Down Pressure Spring Kit for chisel shanks.

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