Rod Weeder


Remove weeds and condition seedbeds for excellent planting results.

Bigham’s wide selection of Rod Weeders gives you plenty of options. High carbon 1″ square rod counter rotates under the seedbed to perform three jobs to enhance planter performance and seed emergence in row crops. Rod drive units may be selected to complement tractor equipment, and a wide variety of rod placement hangers may be chosen to place rod accurately on any tool bar make-up.

Literature and Parts

The Rod Weeder rod executes three important functions to prepare a seedbed:

  • Counter-rotation of rod uproots weeds and provides a positive mechanical undercut across the bed.
  • Rod weeder attachment may be adjusted to operate rod at anticipated planting depth. Rod seals moisture at operating depth so seed may be placed in fresh, moist soil.
  • Upper soil profile is agitated for surface drying. Dry soil on top will act as an abrasive to keep planter disc openers clean and prevent baking.

Standard Features

  • Dependable motor is mounted to provide adjustment for virtually any application. Lower torque of motor will prevent damage if rod is in a bind or locks down.
  • Triple sealed permanently lubricated ball bearings are supplied in a wide selection of bearing hangers.
  • Mounting Kits: Bearing hangers and mounts attach to holes provided in most cast high clearance type lister beams and tillage shanks with no modifications required (Bigham, John Deere and Johnson). Mount brackets are slotted to allow variable depth adjustment. Yoke type design of bearing hangers provides strength and durability.
  • Lower torque motor will help prevent damage if an obstruction is hit or if rod is in a bind. Tractor hydraulic flow can be adjusted to regulate rod rotation speed.
  • 1″ Square steel rod is cut from C-1055 high carbon material for longer wear and to prevent bending of rod.

Bearing Hangers available for a number of mounting options.

  • High Clearance Lister Beams
  • 1×3″ Tillage Shanks
  • Offset Shanks

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