Stabilizers To Steady Your Equipment

Eliminate side draft of three point equipment. The Bigham Stabilizer helps the performance of your lister or planter in laying out rows that are straight and help you keep your cultivator true on them. Stabilizers are also critical to operation  of three point guidance systems.


Standard Features:

  • Universal Mounting Kit; The mount assembly is designed to be compatible with virtually any type lister, planter or cultivator. Mount angles are designed to straddle a 1 x 3” shank or disc bedder gang (for 4 x 4” Stabilizers) or mount on top of a high clearance lister beam (4 x 7 & 5 x 7” High Clearance Stabilizers).
  • The extra length of the shank and hub provides better leverage from the tool bar. (Over 3-1/2 feet from tool bar to the center of the hub) Main arm is constructed from 4 x 4 x 1/4” tube and features heavy Q888 6 hole hub with 2” spindle.
  • Heavy coil spring on screw jack keeps positive engagement of the blade in the ground but lets the blade ride up over rocks or other obstructions to prevent structural damage (1/4 x 24” or 28” alloy blade; heat treated for durability).

Ductile Iron Cast Clamp Bodies

Fabricated/Welded Clamp Construction

Custom Sizes

Range of Foot Pieces, including Bigham “No-Twist”™ Foot Piece

Straight Shanks

Rear and Side Offset Shanks

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