Single Disc Bedder

Single Disc Bedder Overview Versatile and Efficient The Bigham Single Disc Bedder has a high-flow design that pulls easier than conventional options for more versatile and efficient use — all with lower maintenance costs through a reduced number of wear parts and a simplified design. Every rigid and folding unit features a solid welded frame […]

Rollers and Baskets

Rollers and Baskets Overview Perfect Planting Conditions Bed Conditioners and Bed Rollers leave your beds just the way you want them prior to planting. Bed Conditioners (Rolling Baskets) The Bed Conditioner breaks up clods and seals surface moisture in the soil to firm and condition seedbeds for planting. This attachment conditions the surface of the soil in […]

Rod Weeder

Rod Weeder Overview Remove weeds and condition seedbeds for excellent planting results. Bigham’s wide selection of Rod Weeders gives you plenty of options. High carbon 1″ square rod counter rotates under the seedbed to perform three jobs to enhance planter performance and seed emergence in row crops. Rod drive units may be selected to complement […]


PrepMaster® Overview Get perfect bed preparation and chemical incorporation. PREPMASTER® Bed Conditioner A pre-plant bed preparation tool for a perfect seedbeds in a variety of planting conditions—in just one pass! The PrepMaster® executes several operations critical to planting in one field pass. Front sweep and chopper cuts stalks into small pieces, distributes the buried stalks and knocks down the […]

Disc Bedder — High Flow

Disc Bedder — High Flow Overview Bed Preparation for High Residue Fields. The Bigham Super Duty High Flow Disc Bedder for Double Bar Mount is specifically designed for high residue bedding operations. We construct the Super Duty Disc Bedder with ultra-heavy duty components. Mounting arms are fabricated from heavy wall tube. This gang mounting arm arrangement is perfect for our Low […]

High Clearance Lister

High Clearance Lister Overview Lighten the listing load behind your tractor. The Bigham High Clearance Lister helps you achieve the same bedding results with less horsepower. The proven design of the High Clearance Shank and sleek profile of the Bigham High Wing 348 lister bottom slices through soils faster and easier than a conventional buster on a 1×3” shank. The component design […]

BedPrep: “Do-All” Bed Preparation

BedPrep: “Do-All” Overview One unit works on 16 Row 30”, 12 Row 36”, 12 Row 38”, and 12 Row 40” Beds! Easily converted with simple hand tools and no additional parts. Front chopper sizes residue and breaks down the old hard bed. Harrow spikes stir and mix residue. Rear drag board smooths beds ready for […]

889 Culti-Lister

889 Culti-Lister Overview Precision Bed Preparation The Model 889 Culti-Lister gives you consistent beds across the field. With a parallel-link gang that conforms to your field like your planter units, you’ll get identical beds from one pass to the next. A vibrant mix of attachments and ground-engaging tools fit this machine to your farming practices. […]