Get perfect bed preparation and chemical incorporation.

PREPMASTER® Bed Conditioner

A pre-plant bed preparation tool for a perfect seedbeds in a variety of planting conditions—in just one pass!

The PrepMaster® executes several operations critical to planting in one field pass. Front sweep and chopper cuts stalks into small pieces, distributes the buried stalks and knocks down the crown of the bed. Center basket with spiral blade incorporates chemicals and conditions the top of the bed. Rear roller flattens and firms the seedbed. The Bigham PrepMaster® Bed Conditioner is the one pass pre-plant tool that you need this spring!


  • Heavy double-bar frame with diamond mast is constructed with 4x7x3/8” front tube and spaced specifically for this application.

  • Front plow-out shanks are constructed from H-5160 alloy steel to stand up to the heaviest soil and stalk conditions. Ductile foot piece is pitch adjustable.

  • Choppers and bed conditioners are equipped with 1-1/2” heavy pipe shafts and greaseable flange bearings.

  •  Smooth faced rollers are constructed from steel pipe to roll beds flat. Scrapers are included as standard equipment for all models.
  • PrepMaster® Bed Conditioners may be mounted on folding or rigid tool bars for any row spacing.
  • Three rear roller options are available for desired seedbed condition.
  • Spray nozzle mount kit places tip behind the shield of the chopper.
  • A wide variety of sweeps for stalk plow-out shanks.
  • Frame may be equipped with shanks and lister bottoms to shape furrows in the same pass.
  • A wide selection of gauge wheels.

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