Parabolic Ripper


Shatter subsoil compaction to help root growth.

A deep tillage trip with the Bigham Parabolic Ripper Plow eliminates hardpan underneath the seedbed, increase water intake, and reduces runoff. Standard Parabolic Rippers are also available with spring loaded swivel coulters for operation in high residue field conditions.


Parabolic Ripper Features

  • Parabolic shank is designed to take the ground deep. Standard 28″ shank and optional 32″ shank provide exceptional frame clearance.
  • Component design of heavy double bar clamps enable staggered shank placements on virtually any row width. Clamps spread the load between two bars.
  • Specialized trip bolt in the front of the clamp provides protection against structural damage to the plow if obstructions are encountered.
  • Heavy diamond mast three bar frame (Superbar II) and heavy duty Cat. III hitch are standard on all models. Rippers with coulters include tool bars with Heavy Duty Option.

Shank with Rear Knife Plate or Fertilizer Delivery Tube

Gauge Wheels

Ripper Knives

Special Tool Bar Options

Mounted Finishing Tools

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