Pull-Type Hitch connects three-point equipment to your drawbar.

Our Pull-Type hitch lets you pull popular three-point implements from your tractor’s drawbar. It includes the drawbar, hitch, lift wheels, hydraulic cylinders and hoses, and ratchet top-link adjustment.


Bolt-on Three Point Hitches give you strength and durability.

Bigham features a wide selection of hitches which attach to virtually any bar and are compatible with any three point lift and virtually every quick hitch. Pull points utilize 3/4″ plate steel which wraps tight around the bar. Higher HP bottoms and all top links are fabricated from Formalloy® plate for strength and pin hole integrity. Pins are made from Stressproof® steel. Pins, bolts and nuts are zinc plated for rust prevention.


Pull-Type Hitch

  • Integrated frame/hitch design
  • Tight turning radius
  • Heavy wall welded tube frame
  • High capacity 12.5L x 16SL 14 ply lift tires
  • Massive hubs and 2” spindles
  • Field and transport stability
  • Lift wheels function as center section gauge wheels
  • Up to 12 row 30” frames
  • Reduced weight on drawbar

Bolt-On Hitches:

Category III (Wide & Narrow) Hitch

The category III hitch is suitable for implements behind powerful tractors (up to 200hp) and is available in wide or narrow widths. Category III wide hitches are standard on most whole goods items. Full clevis pins (1-7/16″ lower and 1-1/4″ upper) yield greater load capacity.

Category III – Heavy Duty (Double Cap) Hitch

The Category III heavy duty hitch substitutes for any standard Category III hitch on whole goods with extreme weight or horsepower demands. The heavy duty hitch features grade five mounting bolts, two caps to mount each pull point and sleeves to lock lower pins in position. The Category III heavy duty hitch is suitable for implements behind tractors up to 250hp. Formalloy® construction.

Drop Hitches

Drop hitches provide extra ground clearance for implements with long frame attachments. Lower pin center is 5-1/4″ below the bottom surface of the frame, 4” lower than standard pin placement. Category III Drop Hitches feature slotted sleeves in order to lock the pin in position and include four 1″ grade 5 bolts to mount each pull point. Category III Drop Hitches are standard equipment on Paratills® and similar equipment. Combination hitch is suitable for tractors up to 150 hp. Category III hitch is suitable for tractors up to 250 hp. Formalloy® construction.

 Category IV Hitch

Category IV hitches are designed for the largest, most powerful tractors (up to 300 HP). 2″ Lower pins are locked with slotted sleeves. Top link is braced to diamond mast for three bar frames. Call for information concerning three point hitches for use with articulating tractors.

Pull-Type Hitch

Category II

Category II & III

Category III (Wide and Narrow)

Category III Heavy Duty (Double Caps)

Drop Hitches

Split Hitches

A-Frame Hitches

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