MegaTill HD


Break up hardpan and compaction to provide a healthy subsoil environment.

MegaTill HD’s high clearance Heavy Duty Shanks penetrate furrows or beds to the depths you want to plow. Durable construction similar in design to our Paratill® Leg design gives long life in heavy and hard soils. A replaceable chromium carbide shin on the front of the shank reduces shank wear. The front portion of the reversible shin is sharpened to reduce drag and field clodding. Exclusive design and fit of the point and shin maintain a sleek subsoil profile.

This machine offers unlimited flexibility to apply precision tillage to your bedded crop fields. Run shanks in crop middles to loosen without damage to quick growing crops like corn and milo.

Arrange shanks to loosen an area in the middle of each crop bed, providing a prepared area for crop root growth. Attach optional knives to undercut each bed.

Kill and uproot crop stalks in one pass. Cut deep rooted weeds at a depth to allow your young crop a head start into the growing season.

In addition, you can arrange tools on four bar frames so shanks are placed in each furrow or with shanks placed in both the top and bottom of each bed.

MegaTill HD Inter-Row Sub-Soilers are specifically designed to rip the furrow between crop rows. This procedure has been proven effective in shattering compaction caused by tractor traffic and improves water absorption and reduces runoff, particularly under center pivot irrigation systems, helping you make the most of your precious water resources.


MegaTill HD Inter-Row Sub-Soilers

Equipped on double bar frames with your choice of Double 4×4 or Double 4×7 lower tubes and Category III 4” drop hitch.

Odd numbers of 36” shanks and double bar reinforced clamps are included on MegaTill HD Inter-Row SubSoilers for placement in furrows. Coulters are not included.

MegaTill HD Sub-Soilers

Equipped with a heavy diamond mast frame to allow coulter and shank placement at virtually any row spacing. Category III 4” drop hitch provides ground clearance for long shanks.

Even numbers of spring loaded swivel coulters and 36” shanks with double bar reinforced clamp packages are included with all standard MegaTill Sub-Soilers to accommodate top of bed placement.


Gauge Wheels

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