BedPrep: “Do-All”


One unit works on 16 Row 30”, 12 Row 36”, 12 Row 38”, and 12 Row 40” Beds! Easily converted with simple hand tools and no additional parts.

Front chopper sizes residue and breaks down the old hard bed. Harrow spikes stir and mix residue. Rear drag board smooths beds ready for planting!

BP40F Specifications:

• 40’ Over-fold unit using proven Bigham features and components
• Heavy Duty 7” x 7” main frame with welded 3 ½“ x 3 ½“ rear frame
• Same proven 2 ¼“ hinge system as the Hipper product range
• Front mounted Heavy Duty Chopper basket
• 5-Bar drag harrows with 5¼” staggered spike spacing and 11” hardened spikes
• Adjustable, rear mounted, reversible drag board on leaf spring beams
• Category 3 and Category 4, 3-Point hitch
• One set of wing mounted gauge wheels
• Rear mounted jack stands


Swap chopper baskets from wing to wing and reposition harrows and drag board to a second mounting position to cover 16 Row 30”, 12 Row 36”, 12 Row 38” and 12 Row 40” beds with a single unit.

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