Chisel Plow


Condition your ground after harvest.

The Bigham line of Chisel Plows offers solid solutions to a variety of tough field requirements.

  • Breaks up soil after harvest to prevent erosion.
  • Opens up the soil, breaks up clods and leaves an uneven surface to trap post-harvest moisture.
  • Breaks up hard pans caused by moldboard, disc harrow, and other traffic without turning under top soil.
  • Aids seedbed preparation.
  • Incorporates chemicals.

Available in a variety of tool bar configurations.


Small Chisel Plow Literature

Your choice of rigid or spring loaded clamps:

  • Economical two piece ductile clamp
  • Spring loaded clamp with heavy double springs for use in rocky ground.

Heavy forged steel shank has 26” of ground clearance  for heavy trash.

Durable Bigham tool bars in rigid and folding models.

Tool Bar Options

  • Rigid Bar (2 to 4 bars with combination of 4×7″ and 4×4″ tubes)
  • Vertical Fold (2 to 4 bars with combination of 4×7″ and 4×4″ tubes)
  • Vertical Fold (double 7×7″ tubes)
  • Over Fold (double 7×7″ tubes)
  • Category III Hitch
  • Category IV Hitch

Chisel Clamp Options

  • Standard Chisel Clamp (4×4″ and 4×7″)
  • Double Spring Loaded Clamp (4×4″ and 4×7″)
  • Adjustable Spring Loaded Clamp (4×4″ and 4×7″ — set point pressures from 500 to 1200 pounds)

Chisel Plow Options

  • Gauge Wheels
  • Sweeps, Points
  • Soil Flow Chisel Shanks
  • Twisted Shovel
  • Chisel Shank Offset (for additional residue flow)
  • Mounted Finishing Tools

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