MegaTill MAX

MegaTill MAX, Spring Loaded Auto Reset
MegaTill MAX leg with winged point


Break up hardpan and compaction to provide a healthy subsoil environment.

The MegaTill MAX Sub-Soiler gives you maximum hardpan shatter to provide a healthy subsoil environment. New winged points on our expanded Megatill MAX foot rip a wider path and fracture more soil.

High clearance Heavy Duty shanks penetrate beds to the depths you want to plow. Durable construction similar in design to our Paratill® Leg design gives long life in heavy and hard soils. A replaceable chromium carbide shin on the front of the shank reduces shank wear. The front portion of the reversible shin is sharpened to reduce drag and clodding.

Available in shear bolt and new Auto Reset models.


MegaTill MAX Sub-Soilers

Equipped with a heavy diamond mast frame to allow coulter and shank placement at virtually any row spacing. Category III 4” drop hitch provides ground clearance for long shanks.


Gauge Wheels

Knife Plate or Fertilizer Tube

Auto-Reset Spring-Loaded Shank

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