Stabilizers Overview Stabilizers To Steady Your Equipment Eliminate side draft of three point equipment. The Bigham Stabilizer helps the performance of your lister or planter in laying out rows that are straight and help you keep your cultivator true on them. Stabilizers are also critical to operation  of three point guidance systems. Literature Features Standard Features: […]

Shanks and Clamps

Shanks & Clamps Overview Shanks and Clamps: The “Forgotten” Components Maybe not glamorous, but a rock-solid connection from tool bar to ground is crucial to the success of your plow. Bigham offers several varieties, based on tool bar size and application. Choose from clamps cast from tough ductile iron or fabricated clamps for economy and […]

Gauge Wheels

Gauge Wheels Overview Gauge Wheels to Fit Your Operation Extra Heavy Duty Gauge Wheels Bigham Extra Heavy Duty Gauge Wheels are designed for extra load carrying capacity and durability, and built to stand up under extreme conditions. Standard mountings fit 4 x 4”, 4 x 7,” 5 x 7”, 7 x 5” and 7 x […]


Hitches Overview Pull-Type Hitch connects three-point equipment to your drawbar. Our Pull-Type hitch lets you pull popular three-point implements from your tractor’s drawbar. It includes the drawbar, hitch, lift wheels, hydraulic cylinders and hoses, and ratchet top-link adjustment. Literature Bolt-on Three Point Hitches give you strength and durability. Bigham features a wide selection of hitches which attach to […]

Tool Bars

Tool Bars Overview The foundation for all our tillage and cultivation products. From single to five bars, rigid to stack fold, Bigham bars hold up under the toughest conditions. Rigid Bars Rigid Tool Bar With Triple Tubes Bigham rigid tool bars suit virtually every need, with one, two, three, or four lower frame tubes. Available […]