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Strip Till – Generation 3  Tillage, bed preparation, and fertilizer—in a single pass.

TerraTill®  Break up compaction without destroying soil structure.

Paratill®  Same angled-leg subsoiling as the TerraTill, with wider coverage.

MegaTill  Breaks up hardpan and compaction to provide a healthy subsoil environment.

MegaTill HD  MegaTill features in a heavy-duty package.

MegaTill MAX  The winged point generates maximum soil shatter.

V-Till®  Angled-leg subsoiling in a Vee-frame package.

Parabolic Ripper  Shatter subsoil compaction to help root growth.

Chisel Plow  Condition your ground after harvest.

Finishing Tools  Prepare your seedbed for planting.

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